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Can Express Scribe play 4-channel MP3 recordings?


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I have Express Scribe 5.7.0 (paid version) on my MacBook Air and iMac, both running El Capitan. It plays 2-channel MP3 recordings.


I have seen references on the NCH site to both 2-channel and "multichannel" recordings ("multichannel" is not defined) in Express Scribe Tutorial 3: Discover Advanced Features." Incidentally, I tried to check the list of file types in the Preferences settings, but the File Types tab does not have a list of file types as described in that tutorial. It has two possibilities: "Set default RAW settings" and "Set default VOX settings" -- no file types!


I thought I had seen somewhere that ES can play 4-channel recordings, but now I don't know where I saw that. Can anyone tell me if ES is supposed to be able to play 4-channel MP3 recordings? Mine are recorded by the court and I need to be able to isolate each of the four channels in order to transcribe, but Express Scribe plays all four channels together as Channel 1, so I can't do that. So far my only solution is to use "The Record Player" from "For the Record," which works only with Windows, so I'm running Windows under Parallels. This is not an efficient solution and it would be so much easier if I could use Express Scribe.


I would appreciate your help!

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Thank you, Josh. No, it's not a single channel. It's a 4-channel MP3 recording. As I explained, I can play it using "The Record Player" from "For the Record," but that only works in Windows. I would prefer to play it using Express Scribe on my Mac.


I have no problem playing 2-channel MP3 that I have made myself using a Marantz digital stereo recorder.




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