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Max clip speed work around.


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I'm looking for suggestion on a work around. I do mostly woodworking videos. Some of the projects I video have long (~15+ min) sections that I'd like to do sort of like a timelapse, condensing it down to under a minute. Currently, the maximum clip speed is 800%. To get a 15 minute video under a minute, I'd need ~ 1600% clip speed. I submitted a suggestion to increase the max clip speed about a month ago, but who knows if it'll ever be implemented.


I've found a way to do what I need which is time consuming, but was hoping that someone may have a suggestion on a quicker or easier way to achieve the same result. What I've been doing is to create a new project with just the clip that I need 'condensed'. I change clip speed to 800% and export it as a new clip. I then load the new clip into my 'final' project and am able to increase it 800% again. Is there a way that this can be done without saving a whole new clip in a seperate project?


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Experiment with something along these lines...


Speed up the desired clip, then select (highlight) it and press <ctrl-C> to copy it.

Click the + sign that's in the sequence tab, to create a new sequence, then <ctrl-V> to paste there.


Increase the speed on sequence two, then switch to sequence one in the media window.

Drop sequence two into sequence one.

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Though VP's preview couldn't handle it, the following method succeeded when the original 15" clip was exported (produced)...


1. COPY <ctrl-C> the clip

2. Create segment 2

3 PASTE <ctrl-V> the clip

4. speed it up

5. return to segment 1 and delete the original

6. drag the clip from segment 2 to segment 1

7. speed it up

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