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technical issue with sound cracking

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Hello everytime the sound level goes to full (full bar to zero, where good mic level is from -18 to -3) the sound starts to crackle a lot.

But if i set amplification lower i can barely hear it so my question is, is there any option so in case the sound level goes to the full to automaticly set it to -3 so it wont turn into cracking sound instead of voice.

Thank you

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Hi Kevin Spacey,

Unfortunately at this point not really. We are adding some processing to Voxal to try and address this situation and it should be available in a future release. In the meantime, you may find that changing the location of the amplify effect could help. If you edit your Voxal voice you will see that each voice has a list of effects. The order of this list is important and can change the way the effect performs. Experiment with adding or moving an amplify effect to other points in the list.



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