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Should Pedable with AltoEdge install every start up


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I am setting up my AltoEdge with a couple of computers.. An XP Acer ONE NetPad, Win 10 Surface Pro 3 and Win 7 HP Pavillion Laptop.


I am able to set it up so that I get Play Previous Track and Next track okay. Works well but..


When I power down and take the pedal out of the USB and totally start up from a cold boot.. it seesm I have to reset up Pedable. Should this be the case?


I would expect that once I set it up on a box, every time I plug it in and restart the computer, it will work.


I have notice that it does not 'see' the pedal, if it is in on start up and if I just plug it in with Pedable running.


I have also notived that sometimes the left Previous track Ctr-Alt-PgUp and the Right N Next Track are okay but the Spacebar for Play/Pause does not work.


It shows it is there in the Pedable Panel but when I use the wizard to go see, it is blank, until I put Spacebar in again. Then it is fine.,


Main thing is that when the computers start that I just plug the pedal in and it works.


What am I doing wrong please?





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