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  1. HI, I have Win 10x64 quite fast PC box but when trying to add an MP4 file to Pre-Recorded files, it is taking an extremely long time. I have treid several files and all hardly show the green. Is there any settings in the file that will quicken this process or anything that will help please? oz
  2. Hi, I take a mp3 and edit in WP then save it. I then add it to the playlist of Winamp however only the Title shows when I Sort by Filename. The filename is blank. When I check the original file, it does show in the Playlist, so it is something with WP as it only happens when I edit and save in WP. I have tried a couple of files and all the same result. In the file Details both Filename and Title are showing. Thanks, oz
  3. Hi, When I choose print to a CD, I get this panel 'Choose printer etc' Why do I have to go through that every tiem I print a CD. It is a pain when printing 100 CDs. Where can I just choose the printer as the default for the program? Thanks oz Version 3.39
  4. Hi, I am setting up my AltoEdge with a couple of computers.. An XP Acer ONE NetPad, Win 10 Surface Pro 3 and Win 7 HP Pavillion Laptop. I am able to set it up so that I get Play Previous Track and Next track okay. Works well but.. When I power down and take the pedal out of the USB and totally start up from a cold boot.. it seesm I have to reset up Pedable. Should this be the case? I would expect that once I set it up on a box, every time I plug it in and restart the computer, it will work. I have notice that it does not 'see' the pedal, if it is in on start up and if I just plug it in with Pedable running. I have also notived that sometimes the left Previous track Ctr-Alt-PgUp and the Right N Next Track are okay but the Spacebar for Play/Pause does not work. It shows it is there in the Pedable Panel but when I use the wizard to go see, it is blank, until I put Spacebar in again. Then it is fine., Main thing is that when the computers start that I just plug the pedal in and it works. What am I doing wrong please? Thanks oz
  5. Yes I agree. I am with Telstra in Sydney and would have thought they would block it if anybody did. Anyway I just now have to improve it with images and a better way to connect via an App. Any ideas? oz :-)
  6. Did this go anywhere from here? With an IPhone 4G I managed to ge my straem using the 88 http://my ip:88/broadwave.m3u?src=p&rate=1 Came in load and clear using the Safari Browser. I would also like to get an App made so that it would also show some images while the music played. oz
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