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ExpressAnimate is awesome!


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Hi! I just want to thank you for this AWESOME animation software! It is practical, functional, simple, yet effective animation software, perfect in my opinion! I found ExpressAnimate yesterday by searching"new animation software" on Google and it is perfect software for my needs, even more practical then complicated mainstream animation programs. I will definitely see other NCH products, as I am impress with ExpressAnimate, simple, practical - really awesome! Great job NCH Team!

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I just found this software having used VideoPad for a couple of years already. I was looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe After Effects for making straightforward animations, and this looks like it’s just the job.


I’ll second Alfatuber’s comment: I think it’s pretty good too. It feels very young, and it’s a bit rough around the edges but I want to encourage NCH to keep developing this software.

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