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  1. Hi, I noticed an error in my HTML5 output when there is a “,” (comma character) in the text. What happens is that they display as a “%2C” (i.e. the hex representation for the comma). I managed to fix it by selecting “Save unsafe fonts as bitmaps” in the Advanced tab, but this makes the text not look as nice: the letterspacing goes a bit funny some fonts don’t work at all (they appear in some default font)
  2. I just found this software having used VideoPad for a couple of years already. I was looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe After Effects for making straightforward animations, and this looks like it’s just the job. I’ll second Alfatuber’s comment: I think it’s pretty good too. It feels very young, and it’s a bit rough around the edges but I want to encourage NCH to keep developing this software.
  3. I can confirm this problem, but not for all projects. Everything exports fine to HTML5 (looks great!) but video export to any format gives me a static first image all the way through. I’ve been through lots of the presets to no avail. The project is made up of a tiled PNG world map background (indexed single colour - black only, transparent background, overall opacity reduced in Express Animate) which scrolls horizontally for the duration of the project, and a couple of square PNG icons. I also have a couple of sub-compositions containing a semi-transparent panel and some text, that fade i
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