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How to overlay audio of one video for another?


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Hi FunWithTyranny,

Ok, the first step is to get the audio you want to use from the first video. To do this:


1. Click the "Load Clip" button on the Home tab

2. In the dialog which opens navigate to the location of the video file. You may need to change your file filter (bottom right corner of the dialog) to include video files

3. Click Open


This should open the "Video Sync Window" and MixPad will now extract the audio from the video and load it into the MixPad project window.


The next step is to add this audio to the second video. To do this:

1. File->Export Project to Video as Audio Track

2. This will re-open (if it's not already open) the "Video Sync Window". In this window, click on the "Choose Video File..." button.

3. Navigate to the video you want to overdub and click "Open"

4. Note that this will import the audio from this video into your project as well. This is so you can easily overlay some audio over the top of the existing audio. However, since you want to completely replace the audio you will need to delete this clip from the project after it is imported.

5. In the "Video Sync Window" click on "Choose Export File..."

6. Choose the location and output format of the video you would like to create

7. Click on "Export"


Your new video file may take some time to be encoded, but you should basically be done now.


If you have any troubles with this process then let me know.



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