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How to install the CRM on 1 server and connet all at the same database

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Hi, we just get the CRM, good and easy to handle SW for free, thank you.


Our Question are:


1. We start up to check the CRM just on the notebook all fine and type same data to learn into the database all fine. We install the SW on the server and delete all old data, but still if I load the program by reflect by the server, I get the old data even all delete. What we are doing worng?


2. We try to extport data all fine. Then we delete all data like the account and try to import the same data from the file, but not working. We start by row 2 and select the account name, but not working. the export file contain just the account name. What we are doing wrong??


Thank you for help


good day where ever you are, we sitting in China, Beijing



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