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Authorize (card present) .dll file?


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Trying to setup my test account with Authorize.net through Copper, but the Authorize.net gateway listed doesn't work with a "card present" test account. As per the Copper help topics, it only works with "card not present" transactions. There is another gateway titled "Authorize.net(card present)" that is listed in the Copper help section so I tried updating the gateway list to download the Authorize.net(card present) gateway, but it's not showing up during the update.


I also tried to manually add a new Authorize.net gateway, but need the appropriate .dll file for the "card present" gateway.


Any ideas where I can get this.



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Appreciate the quick help! I've re installed everything and went through the process again and my "card present" test account now works with the regular Authorize.net gateway as you suggested.


I'm not sure why there was a communication problem, but the previous error message noted(card not present account). I just assumed the help file was correct and figured that I had the wrong gateway dll. I probably just messed it up somewhere else.



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