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  1. I have submitted it as a suggestion, and should know within a few days.
  2. Please check Preferences -> Regional -> Print Settings -> Paper Size. This determines the paper size if you are not using "small-size" receipts. On mine, sometimes it defaults to "legal" which could explain why you're getting two pages. On Windows, the Preferences button is called Options.
  3. Sorry, the button is labeled "Update List".
  4. There is an update available for a credit card component. You can download it by opening Copper and going to Options -> Credit Card Gateways -> Check for Updates.
  5. It's available today, version 1.32, on the main NCH site.
  6. I checked into this. It is broken on Mac, but it has been fixed for the next release. Also, the Mac version does not currently support the Paypal credit card processing add-on.
  7. The backup and restore features are grayed out when I am logged out, or if I log in as a non-administrator user, but they become accessible after I log in as an administrator. I could be mistaken, but this may simply be a case where the user interface doesn't make things clear. Try logging in as an administrator and see if it works.
  8. If you are using Windows: (1) First, set up Windows to work with two monitors. After connecting the second monitor, you may need to right-click on the desktop background and click "Screen resolution". (2) In Copper, click on the View menu -> Dual Screen. (3) Drag the "Transaction Details" window to the second screen and maximize it. You have to do steps #2 and 3 every time you restart Copper.
  9. You could try using it as a receipt printer: (1) Go to Options (or Preferences on Mac) -> Receipt. (2) Check the box "Print small size receipts". (3) Choose the widest page width. It's not ideal because it only uses the left side of the page, but it may be an improvement over printing a full page.
  10. It's probably a barcode scanner configuration issue. If you find the manual for your barcode reader online, usually it has barcodes you can scan to configure the reader. You will want it to use plain text with a TAB or ENTER at the end.
  11. Make sure your currency settings are the same in both programs. Copper: Go to Options -> Regional and select "Currency Digits". Inventoria: Go to Options -> Other and select "Currency Digits". If possible, these options should be set up when you are first configuring the programs.
  12. You should file a bug report. Go to Help -> Send Bug report. Which brand/model of scanner are you using? And what does it look like if you scan a barcode directly into a forum post?
  13. Use the "Manual Item Entry" button. It's not quite the same as what you're requesting, but it should meet your needs.
  14. Here are some things to try: If you open Notepad or TextEdit and scan a barcode, does the number appear? For instance: 024100440771 Also, does the cursor move to the next line? If not, then you will need to configure the barcode scanner to work in keyboard emulation mode. This is typically done by scanning codes in the barcode reader manual. To create new items: (1) Click on "Select Item". (2) Click on the green plus sign. (3) Scan the barcode (in the Item Code field) (4) Enter the other details and press OK. To look up items: - With the cursor in the "Enter Item Code"
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