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Need data base location and more


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I need to replace one of our customers computers that run copper Point of Sale, currently they are using a windows xp pro machine and im replacing it with a new windows 7 pro computer. I cannot click on the backup/restore option in the application as it is greyed out. I have emailed the company several times and still have no response from them about how to proceed so I was hoping to have better luck here. Thanks ahead of time. I am not sure where the data is located on windows xp as there was an open thread asking about vista and higher however the data was not located in the windows xp equivalent folder.

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The backup and restore features are grayed out when I am logged out, or if I log in as a non-administrator user, but they become accessible after I log in as an administrator. I could be mistaken, but this may simply be a case where the user interface doesn't make things clear. Try logging in as an administrator and see if it works.

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