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I do not know the english word for it, but when you buy a beer or soda here, you pay a fee for the bottle and when you return the bottle you get the fee back. The returnfee should not be done as a refund but be handled like a coupon or a separate item with a negative pricing. As items can not have negative prices and you can only have one coupon on one reciept none of these solutions are viable (sometimes people come with 30 bottles at once). Is there any way to bypass this?

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Hi Lars. If you treat it as a partial refund there are options on how to handle it. Usually deposits are refunded? If you have to handle it as other than a refund, Copper will not manage it directly for the exact reasons you mention above. No negative items and one coupon. The only positive is that Copper will have the ability for more than one coupon per transaction in a near term future release. But I really can't tell you the timing on that - could be a month or 6 months. The scope of what you want to do may be outside the scope of a simple POS system? It almost seems as if you would need an inventory system to manage the bottle as a separate sale and inventory item - have you tried the Inventoria trial to see if it might help with your issue? I am definitely not an expert but wanted to at least give you some things for consideration. DJ

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