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  1. So does that mean that you have the receipt printer working? Because I have certainly looked at everything you mention and it does not work. the problem appears to be that Copper has no way to set the page size to something other than Letter, 8.5" x 11.0" The Print small receipt option prints perfectly to the upper left justified corner of a printer with a letter sized piece of paper in it. Slightly smaller than a quarter if I try with Star Micronics TSP100 FuturePRNT and micronics is the ONLY printer manufacturer with a Mac Driver for a receipt printer made... Happy to see that I am wrong
  2. Has anyone been able to get Copper to print to a Star Micronics TSP100 FuturePRNT or any other receipt printer? I get print but it is no larger than a US quarter for the whole receipt... Thaks for the help!
  3. Deleted I did not understand at all...
  4. I have removed and re installed Copper a couple of times on my Mac and it always requires me to make a new password and user when I have reinstalled it. To Uninstall I put the application Copper in the trash, then go to User/Library/Application Support/ and move the folder Copper to the trash and the folder NCH Software to the trash. Then go to the Preferences folder in the same Library and move com.nchsoftware.copper.plist to the trash. Empty the trash and it should be gone. That is everything I could find belonging to NCH on my computer and it seems to work for me... YMMV Good Luck! E
  5. O a Mac it is in User/Library/Application Support/Copper/Shared
  6. I am having the same problem in addition to being unable to print a small receipt to a Star TSP100 FuturePRNT. I have a support request pending but no answer yet other than a request for images of the problem. It does print fine to a US Letter size. 8.5"x11" in the upper left corner but does not print the logo then either...
  7. I tried to diligently search the net for opinions of this specific software and NCH in general. I found more than a few references to somewhat malodorous practices but no actual viri involved. i am an Apple certified Tech and Technical Coordinator so I am more than casually knowledgable about the Mac OS and it behaviour.. As I have a MAc I have never owned Anti Virus software so I can not address that. I know they are coming but none so far... a couple of malware and trojans out there but no vidi so far. The most annoying thing I have found so far on the Mac side is everytime I quit Coppe
  8. and i just downloaded and tried both current posted versions.... no communication what so ever between Copper and Inventoria that I can detect... unless I am missing some setting completely. Which is certainly possible given my total inexperience with both products... Edit or maybe it is the Windows Version... I am on a Mac and I see no new release for that? Second Edit... Seems all this company's software is trojan laden. I will pass.... good luck ymmv!
  9. Well they are still both the same version numbers, Cooper v1.21 11/19/2012 and Inventoria v3.37 9/28/2012, they have been on the download so I am skeptical of your information and post... Who "told" you this and if the company will not respond to this themselves then this is simply not useful information and sounds like a scam....
  10. Any one from NCH care to comment on the release of this integration feature? I have just started learning Copper and this would be the feature that made me purchase Inventoria and Express Accounts.
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