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ExpressScribe Pro claims to load/play .DSS files (NOT TRUE)


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Just today (5/1/2013) I bought the pro version of ExpressScribe (Mac) solely because your page titled, "Which audio and video file formats can Express Scribe load?" claims the pro version only will load .DSS files. Meaning I can't evaluate your program for my purpose without giving you money.


I purchased the program and technical support - only to immediately find out your pro version will NOT load my .DSS dictaphone files!!!!!!!!


I have emailed technical support but have yet to receive a reply.


You are falsely advertising this product and took my money.


I am requesting a full refund.

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Same here, the website says it does work with .dss files and I too bought a Pro Version, only to find it won't work on my Mac! Really annoyed about this and cancelled my purchases for all the other products. I'm now changing my work to another company that doesn't make false claims! I also want to get my licence refunded. Poor show NCH, very poor show!

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