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Hello, I have read through your website and am not technical enough to understand if what I want can be achieved by any of your software please help me.


I am a current customer of yours.


I run a Mac on OS X and will be upgrading it to mountain lion soon.


Currently I have Vonage service installed in my home. Their modem is located in the basement to my network and through their modem I am connected to every telephone handset unit in my house through the normal internal telephone wiring. So, every regular handset that is plugged into any normal phone jack is actually on Vonage through my computer.


Currently I use a very simple system called VOIP RECORDER from Pen Bay.They will not be upgrading to mountain lion and I am looking for another solution.


In my office 3 stories above I have a switch hard connected to my wall rj45 jack to the modem located in the basement . My computer is connected directly to that switch.


It is that simple. The software detects the VIOP phone signal automatically when it is turned on and it records every call inbound and outbound.


What I'm trying to achieve is to record each inbound and outbound call made from any phone connected to my VOIP system which is prewired to my house automatically.


If you can guide me as to what you may have 2 achieve this and how it could be used and installed I would very much appreciate it.





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