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Hi, I purchased the most expensive version of Video Pad back in November and I LOVED it. But recently, after updates, I've ran into a problem where when I import a movie longer than a certain time into video pad (Like, say for example, an hour and fifty minutes) it loses audio after time. Like. It will show the audio on the waveform, up until the time where it has been muted (and in that case, the audio turns into a solid line like it never had sound in the first place.) I have tried different movies, reinstalling the program, and nothing works. What should I do? I can find NO questions about it on the internet! I am using v. 3.00. I know there is an update, but I doubt it will fix anything considering the previous updates have done nothing for it.

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Is funtionality restored when you revert to the original version, prior to updates? What specific updates were made? Is disk space sufficient?

Try saving a portion of the production - say one-hour - then clear the timeline and load what you saved as clip. Now load the balance of the material.


File a report, stressing that you paid for the program. Perhaps, even in lieu of purchasing a support package, that will stir the tech troops to respond.


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