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Empty Sequence after crash and just because


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A bug is making the programm pretty much unusuable to me :-(. I'm hoping that someone here has a solution or an explanation on what could be causing it. I work on Win7 (64).


I have only been using VideoPad for a couple of days, in the beginning it worked fine. Yesterday I played the preview when the video stopped but the sound continued running. If I remember correctly it happened when I tried to pause the preview. I could click everywhere on the timeline and still select video files etc. but I couldn't change anything on the timeline.


I closed the program. When I started it again and opened my project file the timeline was completely empty and all my work was lost. I rebuilt it and it happened again! After the third time I gave up.


Today I gave it one last try. The problem seemingly didn't occur, I started building my sequence and saved normally without crash. Upon restart my sequence was empty again. Progress lost for the fourth time!!


It always crashes at about the same location in my video but I'm not sure if that's just coincident because that's the point where I stop to think about what scene should come next. There is a bit near the end where I play the clip in reverse. Not sure if that's relevant. Other than that I'm not doing anything unusual.


Anyone have any idea on what's going on? Because at the moment I'm very, very grateful that I didn't buy it after the first day but decided to wait until the trial period ended.

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I have the same problem. Is there any way to restore the lost sequence? The length of the sequence is the length of my movie, so that's right but there is no audio nor video and it says that the sequence is empty.


Routinely use FILE|SAVE PROJECT and FILE|BACK UP FILES TO FOLDER. That won't prevent the problem, but it could help lower your blood pressure.

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Oh thank you. Where would i be without your wisdom? Does not matter when i open my saved file and my backup it is BLANK. Please help or be quiet. I dont need your comments that implies your greatness and my stupidity.


A shame that you perceive it that way; many folks aren't as knowledgeable as you and might appreciate the suggestion. I'll take pains not to disturb you in the future.

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