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Broadwave for church


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So I'm trying to get audio streaming set up for our church. We don't have a website so I would just be emailing a few people the link for the live stream. Is there anything I need to know before I start down this road of audio streaming live services? I am an IS guy by trade so most things I can figure out on my own.



See, my biggest question is, is there a way for me to limit who is logging on to my feed? I know I can email the link to people but if they emailed to someone else and so on I would no longer have control over who get's the stream, right? I wish there was a way for me to only accept certain IP's. Is there any kind of protection to suit what I'm suggesting?

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I don't use it through a website link either, mine is just for private monitoring of a radio station's output by the station engineer.


The only suggestion I would make re controlling who can listen is to define firewall rules, either on your PC or modem/router. You could restrict it to known incoming remote IP addresses, though if a user had a dynamic IP address, then you'd have to change the firewall rule every time they were allocated a new IP address. Fortunately, in my case, the end-user has a static IP address.

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