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  1. I'm not sure on the cap. I have the pro version however, I normally have 5-7 connections at once.
  2. I am installing this tomorrow. Just wondering if there's any tricks that I need to know. I'd like to get it going and be able to test it tomorrow as well.
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how fast my internet will need to be to support audio streaming? I can only imagine me streaming to 6 connections at once max. The stream will be just audio for now and will last about 2.5 hours. Will regular old residential high speed internet work? Thanks
  4. So I'm trying to get audio streaming set up for our church. We don't have a website so I would just be emailing a few people the link for the live stream. Is there anything I need to know before I start down this road of audio streaming live services? I am an IS guy by trade so most things I can figure out on my own. See, my biggest question is, is there a way for me to limit who is logging on to my feed? I know I can email the link to people but if they emailed to someone else and so on I would no longer have control over who get's the stream, right? I wish there was a way for me to only accept certain IP's. Is there any kind of protection to suit what I'm suggesting?
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