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VideoPad 2.41 Possible Virus


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Hi Folks,


I am hoping that this "CRDF" French AntiVirus Company is wrong and that "VideoPad Video Editor 2.41" is not a MALWARE (Spyware, Trojan, or what not).


I just installed it by default ... I was trying to install "Prism Video Converter Free" ... just for fun ... and during that installation NCH offered 3 more Software ... which I only opted for one ... VideoPad.


After the installation ... I decided to run the "vpsetup.exe" thru VIRUSTOTAL.com and see if it is Clean!!!


VirusTotal Result for VideoPad 2.41


The VirusTotal it gave it a Clean Review BUT ... the CRDF comment at the bottom ... and the fact that my Interent Explorer acted funny after installation ... kind of got me worried!


Q1: Is this a False Positive?


Q2: Has anyone else experienced any problem(s)?


BTW, I searched this Forum and I saw Multiple Posts from way back in 2009 complaining about the same thing ... Possibility of a VIRUS!!!




G! :)

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Guest romer-n-c-h



No, it is not a virus. What's happening is this, the file you are talking about is probably an .exe file. If this file isn't cleared (white-listed) with a particular virus protection company, they might warn you of a trojan.

Unfortunately there are so many anti-virus companies, we don't have every version of every single piece of our software whitelisted with them all, it would be almost impossible.

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