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  1. So Revo Unistaller will uninstall individual programs, but HOW do you DELETE "NCH Software Suite" which has No Uninstaller and it is Not listed on Revo Uninstaller files!?!? Thanks, G!
  2. Hi Folks, I am hoping that this "CRDF" French AntiVirus Company is wrong and that "VideoPad Video Editor 2.41" is not a MALWARE (Spyware, Trojan, or what not). I just installed it by default ... I was trying to install "Prism Video Converter Free" ... just for fun ... and during that installation NCH offered 3 more Software ... which I only opted for one ... VideoPad. After the installation ... I decided to run the "vpsetup.exe" thru VIRUSTOTAL.com and see if it is Clean!!! VirusTotal Result for VideoPad 2.41 The VirusTotal it gave it a Clean Review BUT ... the CRDF comment
  3. Hi folks, Well ... I know this is an old thread ... but it would Help if you folks asking for help would tell us 1) What OS are you running? 2) What happened that the program worked couple of times and then Crashed! G!
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