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Detect line voltage drop with CallURL board


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I live in the Midwest in the US. I have a CallURL Voice 8LV recording six phone lines. I haven't been able to get Telephony control to work on it yet. I found that VRS starts recording after the first ring but then stops after about 7 seconds. I wrote a TAPI analysis program in vb.net and found that the card was detecting that the phone was ringing but not that it had been answered. Of course, the CallURL board is not the one answering the call, it is one of the other phones in the office that does the answering (secretary's phone, sales phone, engineering phone, etc.) If the CallURL board answers the call, then VRS continues to record until it hangs up.


How can I configure the CallURL board to detect that the call was answered by another phone?


I would imagine that the board should be able to detect a voltage drop in the line and send a TAPI instruction to start VRS recording.


I need very specific instructions as all of my other attempts have failed. Thanks.

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