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Start Menu Dead links!


Very ANNOYING problem!!  

  1. 1. Why do new dead links appear on the start-menu with every update and new puchase, even for previously purchased products?

    • Because NCH are trying to annoy us?
    • Because they really don't want us to buy any more products?
    • Because some-one at NCH is trying ot saboutage the company?
    • Because some-body thinks it might be funny to annoy customers?
    • Because they are too dumb to realise this is a problem?
    • What else could it possibly be?

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Whenever I install an update or install a new purchase new dead links appear on my start-menu?

This happens and you get dead links even to already purchased applications... WHY????



Who-ever thought of this, was not being at all helpful for the company, in my opinion.

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