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  1. thank you total.. I have recorded 'full-screen'; but yes, I think that unfortunately, maybe Debut is not quite up to managing HD and 'most' full-screen requirements. I purchased hoping that it would do the trick, but it looks like I will still be looking around. It's a pity, because 'SoundTap' ( it's seeming 'natural' companion ) is so good! And having a video app.; ideally, where one could combine the two, would be fantastic. And may be worth NCH considering when thinking about possible future applications. When you consider the capacity and speed available to anybody these days, covering this much information could be possible and would be a good high end solution. A 'Debut' upgrade would be an 'ideal' response to the problem.
  2. I'm here sometimes? ( I think? )

  3. Shits and giggles mate, shits and giggles.

  4. Hi people.. I used to be a 'stage-rat'/'roadie' for ..'too long', and now I have purchased some computer software, ( like MixPad/WavePad/RecordPad etc.. etc.. ) to go with my long-time collection of bits of audio gear, and I would like to find a 'site' or something similar, that offers advice/lectures about using the computer sofware, ( Nearly 100% NCH products ) and combining it with the concert qualty equipment that I have already acquired. thank you
  5. Hi people.. I have purchased Debut ( and about 15 other apps ) and I was told by someone? that to have the images replay in full-screen I should use 'Windows Media Player'. That's O. K. but when I do the resolution is so poor, it's not really worth doing.. Naturally, I want to watch my clips etc.. in full-screen, so what can be done? Does anybody know of a way ( or a better app. ) that can play-back the videos ( whatever ) I have captured? thank you.
  6. Robert53


    I found this on another owners topic... Could it be that using the "Print-Screen" feature is what I am looking for, and would work to do what I want?
  7. Does anybody know if there is a hot-key to exit Debut to the tray? This is an obvious need because once you have a video etc on full-screen or maximized you require this un-available switch. Please advise. TIA.
  8. Robert53


    I have been watching a replay of a documentary and wanted to capture some full-screen images of the Titanic, but whenever I have the picture switched to "full-screen" Debut's snap-shot feature will not work? I would have thought this was how most people would want to capture snap-shots, however it only works in normal view? This a feature that needs to be worked on and improved. Also, Is there a hot-key to "close Debut to the Tray"
  9. I think I've found the answer myself. I think the flashing is the "highlight" feature of Debut, to let you know that it is currently recording. Thanks
  10. Robert53

    Curser Flashing

    I was recording a Rolling Stones concert off the web, but the curser was flasing the whole time Debut was recording? Is this a known issue? It did not seem to affect the recording or application, but was un-usual. My ISP was probably at "peak-load" at that time, However I would not have thought this would affect the application?
  11. I'm gonna reply to my own topic.. Just in case no-body else does... Yeah! I think it's stupid that this happens... What do NCH think they are doing? Do they honestly think that this will encourage customers to try stuff that appears (not requested) on their pristine start-menu? I reckon,... This could only happen in America (as they say) DUH-H-H-H!
  12. Please stop putting these dead-links in my start-menu! Some times it's even for applications I already own!!! DUH-H-H!!!
  13. This is a comment?

    No other reason in particular...

    Just Cos, they left a space to stick one???

  14. Whenever I install an update or install a new purchase new dead links appear on my start-menu? This happens and you get dead links even to already purchased applications... WHY???? VERY VERY ANNOYING! Who-ever thought of this, was not being at all helpful for the company, in my opinion.
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