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DVD will not play in DVD player


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Same issue. I got gorgeous avi output with GV, both sound and image, but Panasonic DVD player will not read DVD. I used Sony DVD+R ver 1.1/1X-4X I got a few years ago. I know DVD+R is supposed to work - might these be too old for a newer DVD player? (Also didn't play really reliably in laptop - once not, twice yes). I have an unopened 50 pk of plain DVD-R 16X - don't want to open it unless more likely to work. Really hoping my media is the problem bec I really like GV, VideoPad and WavePad.

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what other apps? I've burned from both GV and VideoPad onto older DVD+R (see above), and just tried new regular DVD. Reads only sporadically in laptop and not at all in relatively new Panasonic DVD player. HAs anyone had more success with other DVD formats?

PS I tried the software that came with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD USB capture device, it wasn't nearly as comprehensive and versatile as GV or VP, and quality was poorer.

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has anyone found the solution to being able to play the DVD on a DVD player. the quality is great on the computer but I want to play it ton a DVD recorder



I gave up waiting on them to fix this and I moved to Honestewch. Works great!

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