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  1. I gave up waiting on them to fix this and I moved to Honestewch. Works great!
  2. I've found honestech VHS to DVD works great!
  3. It's not the media, it's GV. I use other apps that work just fine.
  4. Used GVideo and the resulting DVD will play on the computer but will not play in a DVD player. Any ideas/
  5. Same here. It burns quickly but the resulting DVD will not play in a DVD Payer.
  6. I was using a EasyCAP USB device and the audio was quite low. I want to use my Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150MCE as my capture device. When I go into Options it sees it and allows me to select the input - SVIDEO - but when I close Options the main screen does not see my capture device. Any ideas?
  7. Everything I've read says that the native format of VHS is 352x480 however Debut will not allow me to record in that format. What is the best way to convert from VHS tape that weill end up being a playable DVD? Thanks
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