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Prism Basic FREE version 1.40

Support for free version  

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  1. 1. Should NCH provide direct email support for the Basic Free version

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The NCH folks suggest using Tech Support to reach them, but I've found no real info about the free version in their FAQ, and it appears they want to charge for support packages. So, this is for those of us who have questions and might have answers about Basic Free (maybe even some NCH staffers!).


My first question is that I immediately found that Prism Free converts in real time. Thus, a 1 hour movie takes 1 hour to convert! But I can load an MOV file into Windows Movie Maker and re-save it as an WMV file in a minute or 2! Is this some "inconvenience restriction" in the free version?!


Secondly, I've converted an MOV video file to an MP4 and it didn't run on any player on my computer -- to be precise, it "played" but I only got the audio -- no video!


Yesterday (3/24/10), I also converted an MOV file into AVI, and it worked fine on Windows Media Player, but WinAmp only gave me audio and no video. And I couldn't convert to MPG or MP4; instead I got a notice that I needed to upgrade! I was able to convert to MP4 when I installed the program and thought Prism free provided its limited conversion formats indefinitely.


Anyone know about these issues?

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