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Multitasking on same computer?


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I am planning to digitize a collection of audio tapes to MP3. Would anyone have advice on whether the computer doing the digitizing can be simultaneously used for other tasks while digitizing is taking place or will that interfere with the digitizing process? It's an up to date PC computer, I don't have the exact specs in front of me but should be fairly fast processor.

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I have noticed that while playing solitaire and MP3s through media player, that audio from solitaire comes thru with music. If program you wish to multitask with generates no audio or if that audio would interact with the microphone or line input channel would be a great experiment for you to perform and let the rest of us know if it works.

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Experience tells me that when recording in real time from an external source with Golden Records or for that matter when using SoundTap to record streaming audio from the internet, it is best to leave the computer be. Also check screen saver, power/sleep settings and automatic updates as these can mess up a session.


I will have the destination folder open on the desktop so it is already loaded in RAM, and if I’m streaming from a website that webpage is also open. I can switch between these windows and the software during recording mode to check that things are proceeding properly, but my advice is to keep activity at a minimum to reduce the chance of inadvertently ruining a recording. Monitor the session over your stereo and enjoy. I often like to play along with my guitar, and also have the luxury of a second computer to keep me busy.


Recording is different than downloading a file, which can be happening in the background while you are doing other stuff – the digital info will usually come through with no ill effect, other than perhaps a slowed down speed if resources are competing. Perhaps a “bigger and better computer” can handle multiple and independent tasks, but as I’ve said, to get the best results limit any interference when recording.

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