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I just downloaded the free version of Videopad and I'm really confused. There are several features listed in the Help file that I can't find on any of the menus --for example Custom Resolution. It implies that you should just be able to click one of the dropdown menus and select it but I can't find it anywhere. I've tried opening a video file to see if the menus change, but that doesn't get me Custom Resolution.


Is this feature only available in the paid version? If so, is there some list that tells me what's different between the paid and unpaid versions?


The reason I want to try Custom Resolution before anything else is that I need to find out if Videopad will let me reduce the resolution of some video files that I've made with a Vado HD. I'm having problems with audio being out of sync, and I've learned that can be a problems with CPU power. Apparently if you reduce the resolution of your video then it's not so bad. I"m hoping to not have to go through the trouble of shutting down all processes running in background every time I edit a video. I'd rather try reducing the resolution before trying that.


If Videopad doesn't do let me reduce the resolution of videos, then I need to look for other software.


Thanks much!


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First of all, if you just want to convert a clip, you may find it easier to use Prism converter (also from www.nchsoftware.com/ like VideoPad).


But the Custom Resolution option is reached from the final step of movie creation, the dialog that comes up after you click [Create Movie].


It is then reached from the [...] button on the right of the Resolution drop-down listbox.



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