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Large Sound Files

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I'm not a computer expert, but when I record a 20 minute program with soundtap I get a 200 MB file. When I look at music files from my ripped cds, I see that one four minute song is about 3.5 MB, which would be 14 MB if the song was 20 minutes long.


So why are the soundtap recordings so big? Is there a way to make them smaller and not compromise quality?


Please only respond with relatively simple explanations. Thanks!

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I don't know if this will help, but here are my thoughts. Is it possible that you are used to working with mp3 files but you have

SoundTap's output format set to wav? (click on Options tab : Output format.) It can be set to mp3, with more advanced options also.

I only work with wav files so I can't help with those.


Example of my thinking: a 3.5 minute song recorded as a wav file (bit rate : 4411 kbps) will be @ 34 MB.


Is this of any help? Vapors

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