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Fade out??


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I have one video clip and have managed to fade in by adding a still at the beginning,( by clicking on the still image button and choosing black) but how on earth do I fade out? I thought I would just be able to add another still at the end of the video clip but it doesn't seem to give me the option to do that. It just keeps adding another still to the beginning.


I usually use windows movie maker, but i dont like using wmv formats and the avi option more than doubles the size of my original avi file :S

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For the record, in the version I'm using, v2.01, pressing the Insert Blank button gives me the option to insert at the :

  • Slider's Position
  • Beginning of the timeline
  • End of the timeline


With a black clip at the end and a crossfade, a neat fade out is achieved.


You can even make an end title fade in and out with the right number of blank clips, one with a title, and crossfades B)

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