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Any options for adding song, artist, album information?

James E. Tausch

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When I looked at the menus, I didn't see anything specifically addressing this. So, for my first session I've been adding the identifying information - my usual minimum is song title, artist, and, when applicable album name - one track at a time; manually deleting each generic "unknown" title and then entering the information one at a time for each song and/or each album. For some - not all - cassette tapes, the dead space between tracks is too short for a break to be detected and inserted. For those recordings, that is additional time and labor to turn that block recording into the individual tracks and songs it is supposed to be.


My current feelings are that so far this - working with Golden Records - is a good thing. It is certainly way better than before when I had all the right equipment and connections, but my computer (Vista 64 bit) could never see, hear, play, record/archive, or do anything with home music from anything but a CD. (For CDs the new Vista Windows Media Center is the cat's meow. But, it seems to be a total dead end when it comes to music from analog sources.)


With over 1500 LPs and cassettes to try to save from the ravages of inadequate basement storage conditions, it is a labor of love that will eventually become something close to hard labor - and a huge amount of time. (That's 1500 titles. I shudder when I estimate the number of individual songs and tracks. Plus, that doesn't include my not-factory made tapes; which I'd already figured I'd have to do manually one song or track at a time.)


So, can anybody offer any help? Any suggestions for easier or less time consuming ways to do what I want to do? I realize that I'm unlikely to be able to do anything as convenient or fast as CDs. But, any improvement would help with the mountain I'm facing.



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