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Playing MixPad audio on iPod


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I recently purchased MixPad. I downloaded some songs from iTunes and added a voice track using MixPad. I used the Save As and Burn to CD option in MixPad to create a .wav file. I am able to burn it to a CD using Windows Media and it plays just fine on multiple CD players. I am able to listen to them using the iTunes software as well. However, when I put them on my new iPod Shuffle it shows they are there but simple ignores them. They don't play at all. If I include them with other iTunes songs on the iPod the MixPad songs are skipped over and the iTune songs play just fine. I assume I am not saving them in the correct format or have a setting wrong. Can anyone provide me any direction?



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The nice thing about MixPad is that it can save to many different formats. Try saving the song again as an MP3...then in Itunes go to "File" add new file to library" pic the song you want. It will show up in all artists and songs...depending on how you labeled it. Then simply drag it to the folder within your shuttle, and press 'sync'.


Hope this helps



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