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Line Voltage: 0 (V) SPA3102


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SPA3102 is cabled up correctly and using these the regional specific settings for the UK; http://www.provu.co.uk/pdf/sipura/sipura_u...al_settings.pdf


FXO1 and FXS1 register ok with Axon, but SPA3102 Line Voltage = 0 (V)


Can anyone help please? What factors determine SPA3102's line voltage value? What voltage value should i see?





Hi I have A SPA 3000 and my voltage is about 45 to 52 volts and about 7 volts when off hook

If it is not reading voltage then I would be sure there is a wiring problem maybe the wrong lead or jackpoint setup


I think the pins are the two center pins of the rj11 phone plug the connects to the spa.

Try testing them with a meter and see if there is voltage.

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