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  1. I've found that remote pstn caller via Sipgate can hear on hold music (when call is put on hold) but still cannot hear ringing and voice mail announcements. Also cannot hear me speaking into a headset connected to the Express Talk pc. I can hear Sipgate caller fine. On hold music is played by IMS. IMS, VRS and IVM are installed on the same pc as Axon. Express Talk is installed on a separate pc. In trying locate the fault, im wondering where should ringing be played out from, Axon or Express Talk? This will give an idea of where the fault is. Any ideas ?
  2. Hello, I am having difficulties in configuring axon to work with Sipgate. Axon can connect to sipgate.co.uk and register ok. Express Talk, IVM, VRS and IMS all register with Axon ok. Everything works fine apart from the fact the pstn caller(via Sipgate) cannot hear anything. No ringing, voice mail announcements.. Nothing. Express Talk answers call, callers speech can be heard ok. IVM takes voicemail(if call if is unanswered) and VRS record call. The following firewalls ports are open: 5060 and 8000 to 8019 Axon is set to 5060 with is the same as Sipgate I used stun server: stun.sipgate.net:10000. I have tried playing around with stun servers and all advanced external line features in Axon but no joy... Still no audio heard by Sipgate caller. I have seen other posts for this exact problem with Sipgate but with no resolution. Please help !
  3. SPA3102 is cabled up correctly and using these the regional specific settings for the UK; http://www.provu.co.uk/pdf/sipura/sipura_u...al_settings.pdf FXO1 and FXS1 register ok with Axon, but SPA3102 Line Voltage = 0 (V) Can anyone help please? What factors determine SPA3102's line voltage value? What voltage value should i see? Thanks
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