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Calls disconnect when leaving messages


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Hi all,


I've been having a lot of difficulty with my setup of SPA3102 + Axon 2.0 + VRS 5.11. My calls are dropped very suddenly when I am in the middle of a conversation or leaving a message. I think I have narrowed down the problem to this: when I am talking to someone and they are not saying anything for an extended period (about 15 seconds) or when I am leaving a voicemail message for someone, the call is disconnected.


Axon does not return any errors and just says that the call was disconnected. I have checked the forum for similar issues and I haven't been able to find anything that solved my problem. I have tried using the "Disable call activity polling" option, but that hasn't solved the problem. I looked in VRS's settings and there was nothing about threshold or anything like that. I read in the manual that there is a control on signal threshold level and a detect time (default 12 sec) but that seems to apply to only hardware lines, not VoIP/Axon lines. Axon doesn't seem to have any settings for this as well. I'm thinking it might be related to SPA-3102 and line settings.


I'm not sure what I need to do and which component of the system is causing this issue. If anyone has any suggestions I would be thankful.




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