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  1. I don't think this feature will work in the trial version becuase you have no real "users" registered with the system, you have to purchase those. I bought a 1 user license to test the system with before purchasing our site license. I also tried using the database feature for user IDs and passwords, but you still have to add all the users to the DD system! So, I abandoned that process as it was just 1 more interface to monitor. To add many users, I wrote a Word macro that created the directories and user.dat files for me from a comma-delimited list. I rarely use the front-end of DD for user management. We use all SIP connections and if you edit a user, it resets all the connections, cutting the dictators off! I do everything on the back end in the Users folder. I hope this information is helpful. Jeanie B.
  2. I was using server hosting for a while which was on virtual windows servers, but had problems and went back to running DD on an XP system in my office. The issue is defintiely with the SIP/network configurations on the virtual servers, but I have no idea how they work. I just stopped using it. Sorry I could not be of more help. Jeanie B.
  3. Whenever we have odd behavior with upgrading or installing different versions of Express Scribe, we do the following: 1. Using Control Panel, uninstall Express Scribe. 2. Navigate to your Program Files folder and make sure the following folder is gone: C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\Scribe. If it is still there, delete it manually. 3. Then manually delete any folders anywhere on your system which contain Express Scribe configuration. These can be in different locations depending upon your operating system, user setup and version of Express Scribe. For example, in Windows XP, it is in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\Scribe Be aware that by default this folder is hidden. If you cannot find it, you need to change your settings in My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->View and set it to show hidden files. Then reboot your system and reinstall the new version. So far, this has worked every time we had problems with odd behavior in ExpressScribe and we support hundreds of users. Jeanie B.
  4. If the WMA files won't play in Windows Media player, this is a windows problem and there are problems with the codec files windows requires to play sound. ExpressScribe uses these same files. You could try going to your control Panel->Add or remove programs->Add/Remove windows components and remove windows media player. Reboot your system, then go to Windows updates and reinstall Windows Media Player. At that point, it SHOULD reinstall the audio codecs needed...but there are lots of things Windows SHOULD do and seems to forget!
  5. You may just be impatient. I thought I had the same problem, however, if I leave the CD in the drive and start playing the first audio track, it starts loading the next tracks. Because it is coming from the CD and loading the sound, it takes several minutes.
  6. This is a 2-step process. First create a macro to launch ExpressSribe with the following code (for XP): Sub ExpressScribe() Shell "C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\Scribe\scribe.exe", vbNormalFocus End Sub Then you add this macro to one of the toolbar menus or create a new menu just for ExpressScribe. Remember, macros and toolbars are stored in the template they are associated with. If you are going to distribute this, it should be created in a separate template that the user loads.
  7. Check your Windows Volume control to see that it is not "muted". There is a hot-key combination I push in Express Scribe, not sure which one it is, that mutes the Windows volume control. It is usually in your Task Tray.
  8. Where the completed file is saved is dependent upon your operating system. However, the simplest way to resolve this issue is to use the Recover old files option on the file menu (Ctrl+O). You also need to set the length of time to keep old files on the Settings->Files menu. Set it to 0 if you never want them deleted. XP Path: The path to the "done" files is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\Scribe\Done\. The *.dct file is parsed to 3 components: the actual wave file, the job data (*.dat file) and the data entered by the user for work type and reference number (*.txt file). You can always search the directory contents for the job number you need and it will show you which file it is. The Recover old files option is much more efficient. The Path in Vista is different, in one of the "local" folders under the user.
  9. Is anyone using the option to get the user IDs from a database and if so, please post exactly how you have the settings on that screen. I'm not sure what to use for the connection string. Thank you!
  10. Per the website: System Requirements Windows 95/NT4/98/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista. NT, 2000 and 2003 are server versions of Windows. Yes, DialDictate can be loaded on a server. Jeanie B. www.x2voice.com
  11. I am using ExpressScribe with a transcription ASP called Emdat. Each time a new dictation is started a new instance of ES is launched, very annoying. However, if I uninstall version 4.12 and install version 4.11, it does not launch a new instance of ES, each dictation file is loaded into the current running ES, the way it should. Please advise. jb
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