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  1. I can get audo ok, but this particular file has no image when I import in from my camera, works on other players 279.mts https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gs6DLCbUiw14gBd76
  2. thanks! installing 10.49 is now working fine! 😀
  3. Hi, it is v10.48 64bit. Ok sent to you as private message.
  4. Did what you instructed and it did not work, I attach the file you can download from here and check it Filebin | 2rg06e870oakva6m Definitely works on other players i.e gom player thanks
  5. ok thanks does the link work now? https://photos.app.goo.gl/k8fx4wxpGqjV9Fzg9
  6. I have the latest paid version of videopad and trying to edit my first video, this is my daughters concert however some of the video files the sound is not coming through as you can see with the blue circles. The particular video files are ok with sound on their own when I open them up with a video player, any ideas?
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