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  1. Tested #64, still doesn't play nice with this rig -- on Timeline setup -- but abbreviated clip included in this folder will show, it Exports in correct presentation. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12qh_I8vZkJ1J3gfJD8q-k3vteNVlqbJK?usp=sharing Now again returning to 10.18+ to (hopefully) finish the project where this all went off the rails. But send anything else you'd like to test on this finicky H-P. Despite how little else (as in: NOTHING) I've been getting done, this has been pretty invigorating. Even has my physical energy up above recent level. (Does that "robust" program include gym privileges?)
  2. Sorry, missed these earlier... Nationalsolo -- Clips in thumbnails on Loaded Files screen ALL had that bottom and left-margin 'shading' and all showed some degree of beginning to move to fullest 'spread.' When placed on Timeline, if I hit Play it would grab one amount of 'spread' and that would stay on for as long as that clip was in play. But if I manually moved from one Timeline clip area to another, it noticeably increased or decreased. ALL clips are affected, both in Loaded area and on Timeline. Borate -- Yes, Beta tested with same distortions. Early yesterday you sent 10.32 4.08mb, labeled BETA. After I reported its failure you sent 10.18+ which works same way I'd been used to my entire time using VideoPad. Later, wondering if perhaps I'd actually used the first "fix upgrade" sent to me in email before I came to this Forum, I went back and loaded that one again -- still get the distortions ... then took it down and was careful to load your Beta. which also failed to give me 'normal' visuals. Earlier today, email from your Jan asked for and I sent screen shots of my GPU information. Not sure whether you're all in same department so let me know if you'd like copies in a Folder. Thanks again to all, for all.
  3. Ooooh, just had supper but that gets my mouth watering! Looking at details on both the Beta links you'd sent, it seemed there might be some difference so I tested BOTH again. Same as before with the wacky timeline visuals. Have now defaulted back to first one you sent, and again it's working just like I'm used to. Perhaps I have taken enough of your time; know I'd rather be spending mine getting something done. Anyway, thanks again for all of it.
  4. Will do that in next little while. BTW, please let Nationalsolo know: With the one you sent earlier today, which worked with excellent results and no inputting difficulties, I did still have some of those "stutters," even after allowing extra time to be sure cache had filled. But I can live with that, once we get past the weird timeline screen visuals. Thanks.
  5. Screen grab of distorted timeine thumbs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Tt1tPwYsNA1Vw1hiquldhCp-gT8_m-zS?usp=sharing BTW, unless I loaded the Sunday one (pretty sure DID NOT) this was with Beta. Will work on it more later, uninstall and be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN this was Beta; let you know, probably tomorrow. Curious -- has anyone else had an issue like this?
  6. File version Product version 10.26 Here's link for new Folder of what the set-up file was for the "fix" version: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13EDbYrUsfyt8SPN8vB9aESzCSqOXzA0G?usp=sharing It had the crazy "spread" look on the editing screen but Exported version played looking normal. Will work with the new beta later and let you know the results. Thanks one more 'gain.
  7. Thanks again for helping me through this. My offer stands: let me know if you or the developers would like for me to reinstall the "fix" version to see if it still shows that strange visual display, now that I've learned how to send the whole folder.
  8. Nationalsolo, thanks for your tips. I thought I'd been allowing plenty of time for cache etc to fully load but patience has never been a primary go-to app. Is there any way to check whether it's completed? Seem to recall my defunct Serif MovieMaker 6 would have a pop-up warning it wasn't ready for what I'd attempted. Borate, HALLE-bleepin'-LUJAH!!! Using your older file to reinstall I am pleasantly returned to apparently full functionality. Did one brief, all new files project to completion; then re-opened the project that first encountered these issues, relieved to see it is also back to normal. I've prepared (I believe) a FULL "folder" and got it to upload. But after doing the today success version, I realized that the previously failing projects now come up only with correct views. Not sure if you want to give any more time to this project but I'd be willing to go back to the Sunday-sent "bugs fix" installation that seemed to cause that "spread" showing, so you could see if perhaps I had inadvertently flipped a wrong button -- or even, find what caused it if I'm not the problem. Let me know. Either way, thanks again for all your help. Sorry I've been so slow. Not sure if "God bless" is appropriate so will default to Yanks' idea of what you say there: "G'day, mate!" https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-2EWI2K8-h2H7vCz51efu4nIArAEWaia?usp=sharing
  9. CPU E2180@2.0GHz RAM 3.0 GPI Intel G33/G31 WDDM 1.0 97.1GB free on drive Purchased around 6 months ago. Would they not notify me if I owe, either before sending fix file or at time they send? Either way, what I have is the latest thing, based on my issues and with them having knowledge of what I use. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QfQ65CE6XvDIKtDNutCdwjMrHC4YwsG2/view?usp=sharing Up since 5:30am, not used to staying at it this late, going to bed now. Again, thanks for all your help. I'll be up early again in the morning; leave word anything I'm still not providing.
  10. Sunday I downloaded what was sent as a fix for recent bug(s). Now no longer find original setup file but here's what came: Type - Application Product Version - 10.26 Original File Name - VideoPad.exe DirectX is Version 12. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JodfVdqbwqqEhKr4rYPLSb0YjdUHDA8T?usp=sharing "The spread" = How it starts with small section near bottom left, then goes right along horizontal axis with apparent "mirror image" of that visual toward the top. In the folder best example VPad Segraves #2 placed on sequence.
  11. Thanks for your time and input and, I hope, patience. I've done enough audio/video editing software packages last several years to be capable of learning how. So forgive me if I ask asininely simple things, like this: I got to that MS support article on Direct-X (since apparently none on this computer). What am I looking for? Meanwhile, I've again uninstalled VPad, downloaded the FIX software they sent yesterday, turned off all other apps, and taken plenty of time for cache to fully load. But as soon as I opened new files to it, the shaded left and bottom borders showed on the 4 clips I'd put in, and one of them showed in the central view with noticeable beginning of the spread. I've changed NOTHING about how I proceed with each project, so can't believe I've inadvertently tampered with a setting to cause this. I've put an Exported video -- which came out "normal" -- and a folder of screen shots together and put on Google Drive. Should I post their links here, or is there a way to get them only to you (would it make any difference)? Breaking now, for supper and (as if!) sanity. So, no need be in a hurry. Since I know this will sorely try your patience, I'll try to use some of my own.😏
  12. Been using VideoPad with good results for almost a year. But yesterday it kept "stuttering" -- repeating 3-4 words of audio as video played normally, then (not every time) once audio stabilized the video froze for several seconds. During one such episode, I hit Save then tried to X out of the program but it was frozen. After couple more X-out fails, it did close but I got a pop-up saying it had crashed. Loaded and ran recommended fix, but still happens. Experimented with short "edit" and Exported it. Playback is normal. I was online with Support long time yesterday, uininstalled the program; cleaned computer, including recommended Registry cleansing; then re-installed. But still get same "right angle" split of the screen image. Impossible to tell where to do edits. Anyone else ever have this problem? Any suggestions on fixing it?
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