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  1. 10.34. I will try updating, but so far it's just making black bars and still not filling the frame. EDIT - No luck. Still does the same thing; black bars instead of filling the frame..
  2. Whenever I used older versions of VideoPad, I would set the zoom effect parameters and the clip would display just fine. |It filled the frame just as I wanted. Now when I click zoom effect in the newest version, all it does is shrink the size of the clip and create black bars across the frame instead of filling it. To top it off, in the exported video where the black bars are, it shows a still image of the last clip... This makes no sense to me.
  3. I tried both dragging and the menu selection, but the pictures ARE PNG types, so I think that explains a lot.
  4. I added a short video clip at the beginning of my project, and it went on Track 1 just fine. However, when I want to add pictures to the sequence after that video clip, it always adds them to Track 2 instead of on Track 1. It makes the working space smaller, and it's a pain to have to keep dragging the clips from Track 2 to Track 1. Why won't they just go on Track 1 from the start?
  5. Oh wow I never thought of the frame rate! For future reference, is there a way to change the frame rate in case I need a more specific shot again? Thank-you!
  6. That above picture is what my Videopad keeps skipping to, but it's not what I need... it showed the proper picture when I was seeing the sequence, but this is what it keeps skipping to. Literally the previous shot is what I need but were both coming to this one... I'm sorry. I don't want you to end up wasting too much of your time...
  7. Yeah I meant the timestamp was for the specific clip on the timeline, not the raw video file. Here's what I'll do: I'll give a new timestamp so that borate can get the snapshot the same way as they did before, just a new timestamp. I tried the right click sequence method and it still skipped. -0-0- Try this timestamp with that same link I sent: 19:02.099
  8. I think I tried both. Neither worked successfully. The frame of the snapshot I need is at 0:06.508 (It should be a picture of a campsite) I'll message you the link shortly.
  9. Current Version = 10.24 I try to take a snapshot of a certain frame, but instead it gives me a snapshot of something many frames ahead... I tried to work around this by going back a few frames so that it will skip ahead to what I need, but that doesn't work either. Instead, it does what it's supposed to do, and gives me a picture of the current frame. It doesn't work any other time... I JUST bought this new version, too...
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