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  1. will do.. for the record, 10.21 works fine too. Thanks!
  2. I found a old link in the forum http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/videopad-10-05-2021-01-16.exe This version renders properly. ( I just randomly picked 10.05) Exported video doesn't have any issues.
  3. I have the latest version, reinstalled and re rendered same issue. I used the default setting for HD 1080P. My PC : AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon RAM :8GB 64bit Is there anywhere I can download older versions. This version is unusable for me.
  4. As a test I placed 2 clips on project, preview plays fine as well as individual files. Exported mp4 is unusable. Project rendered on 10.24 Paid version. I have backed up the project ready to be shared, if support want to look at it.
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