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  1. Well it's not exactly choppy as in movements of the text but the edges of the text shape (assuming how the system works is just rasterizing text like in MS Paint). Using my method it somehow fixes it and anti aliases the edges making it not look jagged.
  2. Like the title said, when text are used along with some motion effects, sometimes it will look choppy? (Please give me a word for this) and leaves some short after images. To fix that, set the text background opacity to 2 or 1, I prefer 1. Then switch to text background rather than editor background or something else (this options is a drop down box above the text background opacity option which is usually closest to the top of the text input box). Either directly pick the color white, or pick a dominant color in the background (this can be done using the tint tool). The text should now look better when doing motion effects and the background should not / slightly be tinted.
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