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  1. Hi. Used to have no problem with take a snapshot - It used to take the picture in the exact same dimensions as the video shown. Now it keeps doing it smaller. Is there a fix for this? I don't want to download an upgrade and pay. It used to work fine. I found doing Custom dimensions of the snapshot the same as the video sometimes works. I just want it to work the way it used to with no problems. Thanks
  2. And yet another bug. These seem to suddenly crop up out of nowhere. Things that worked fine in the past. Any reason why Reverse Clip would suddenly stop working when it worked fine all the times before?
  3. Nate999

    Video Glitch

    Hi. I have a video that plays fine apart from one part: I copied one clip (plays fine) but when I pasted it and reversed it, it then has a small glitch like blocky graphics for one second on the pasted and reversed clip. Is there a fix for this please? Thanks Nate
  4. Thanks for the help borate!
  5. Hi there. could you help me with panning. I just wanted the simplest way to follow a smooth pan from Top left of a picture to Bottom left in the pattern I have provided. →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→↓ ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← I can do this fine for one movement from left to right but it's the moving down and reversing I wanted to do smoothly. Thanks
  6. So you can only get smaller by using the manual method I stated above?
  7. When you say 'frame' bump - Do you mean the arrow keys in your diagram above? If so I've found this isn't the smallest increment - I have to zoom in and out and drag the red marker and i can get smaller increments - I think 1 frame equals about four and a half milliseconds or increments. This is my solution I found out through experimenting. Though it would be easier with a keyboard shortcut.
  8. These don't advance in milliseconds though - leaving unwanted parts of clips . Is there a keyboard shortcut to advance in milliseconds?
  9. Hi is there a quick keyboard shortcut for precision editing? - I want to advance to the next part of a clip in milliseconds to get perfect cuts. Thanks Nate
  10. I have a video with various clips I'm splitting into different parts. At the timeline as I press next frame (RIGHT) or the button on the player at the end of the clip where I've split it looks fine (shows a black screen) I've spread the clips a good few seconds apart to test. Yet when I play the file It shows a milli-second of the next (unwanted) clip. Is the next frame button literally the next frame? Is this a bug in the program or am I doing something wrong - I've noticed this happen on a few video editors. Thanks Nate
  11. Thanks. It doesn't save the other effects on that clip though - I had a fade in and fade out etc. Do I have to add all the effects again manually?
  12. I have a clip which is text with certain effects - I want to copy this clip and paste it in other parts and just alter the words in the text, keeping the rest of the effects. How do I do this without changing all my previous clips? Thanks Nate
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