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  1. Okay, Maybe it is a problem that developed in later versions. cause it appears to be working and I did what she suggested in that earlier post. How would one create a template?
  2. Transparency is retained when using .apng. I'm using that for the intro on one of my series, but there is no way to add sound with out doing what NationalSolo suggested. He said something about saving the video separate. Borate had the idea of saving the file and just importing. I just tried that. I'm not really editing that video yet, but I started it. It creates a second story board which took me 2 seconds, I just have to remember that this will always have to be the very first thing I do, or I will have to reformat the intro every time and that is the kind of frustration I want t
  3. Yeah I think you see my problem but with another option that will work pretty well using a .apng and a saved music file. hopefully it works really well going forward.
  4. I previously didn't quite get the intro to the level I wanted, what was the point if I can't export it, so I just finished it up and uploaded it here: Video Pad Help Folder. For some reason I didn't think of cutting the music where I want it and exporting it separately and using a .apng like Nationalsolo suggested, would definitely be easier that what I did in the last video and look more like what I want. I think I would prefer the chromakey thing, though is that something that was available in version 5? I want to upgrade the software but I built this computer around the idea of vi
  5. Greetings, I started to make videos to post to the internet, close to 40 so far, using video pad v. 5.11. The software is great, it seems to have the functionality to make higher quality videos. I'm struggling right now however because I'm trying to make an intro and outro with logos and a few seconds of music. I'm struggling at the moment because in order for this to really work and be something I can just drop into every video I make from here on out I need the intro to have a transparent background. Was this something that was in v 5.11 or did that come later? I searched the foru
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