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  1. Thanks for replying, but I'm not sure you're really answering my question. Seems like you're just confirming that it indeed DOES need access. But, what do I need to do to grant it?
  2. After buying VideoPad, I downloaded most recent version (8.97) and replaced the old trial version I had. Now when I click on the Question Mark icon in upper right hand corner there seems to be a quick flicker, but nothing else. I'm pretty sure in old version it took me to a web page with the help system content page. Same thing for all the other icons in that area. I'd attach a screenshot, but I can't figure out how to attach a file. The tool bar in the text editing section doesn't have a button for attaching files. That was annoying, but I can get around it by going directly to help syst
  3. What happened to this thread? I was looking forward to seeing people showing off their work. I'm just starting out so I don't have anything to share yet. You know, we sometimes forget how awesome modern technology is and just take it for granted. I remember lugging around that HUGE video camera when the kids were small in 80s & 90s. As for editing the videos... Man, it was painful.
  4. Thank you. PS. I notice it said you changed the title. I can't remember exactly what title I put in original post. Is there some kind of guideline to post titles?
  5. Thank you! So obvious now that you explained it. I'm working on a deadline from the wife to get something done for a NY Zoom call. Usually I dig more on my own before asking.
  6. First post here. Editing old family videos for relatives and found VideoPad. Used trial for a couple of days and bought full version. More on that in another post. My question here is how do I retain the speed of the clip when I export it to a video file? Here are the steps I went through. Oh, I'm using VideoPad Professional v 8.97. Create new project Add "raw" video file of home video Create several clips from the source file Set the Playback Speed Change control to 3x Export to MP4 file format without changing any of the other defaults on the Export File S
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