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  1. Installed the latest release again and audio track is not importing. Here is a link to a sample file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wuapkjmddtr8isv/DSCF0003.AVI?dl=0 The audio works in the older release, but the older release isn't prompting for me to Select the audio track when more that one exists. I recently paid the upgrade fee, so my license is current.
  2. I just starting having this issue this week... when importing video, audio track is empty. Audio plays wth all tested players. -0- I just installed the older version 8.91 that Borate recommended and now the Audio track is importing properly. Thank you I also tested with the latest release, but unfortunately it doesn't work. When is the next planned update to fix this issue? -0- The older version is not giving me to option to import audio track 2 or 3. The newer version prompts to select track number during import. I need these features. Please advise.
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