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  1. Thanks! Where do I find the timeline?
  2. Wow, thanks!! I really appreciate that - but I'm still trying to figure out how to do it! I've saved that and now I'll start the process again and see if I can work it out.
  3. OK I've messaged the link to you. The section of Video no 2 to be dropped in is from 02.05 to 02.36. Really appreciate your help.
  4. I click the chevron, then Video Tracks. This brings up Split Video Track 1 and Split Video Track 2 but neither is in bold and neither responds to being clicked!
  5. Right, I'm doing ok here, but got stuck again. I have the two video tracks lined up with the audio and locked. The guitar solo video is sitting above the main video. What I now want to do is have the main video playing until the solo comes along, slot the solo clip in, then return to the main video. I'm trying to follow the tutorial (below) for splitting/cutting clips but when I move the cursor to the right place and click it I don't get any scissors icon and anyhow in the tutorial everything is cut, not just the one video track: VideoPad Video Editing Tutorial | How to Cut or Split Video - Bing video Sorry but I really do need it spelled out! Thanks so much form your help this far, it's worked perfectly.
  6. Hi Here's what I'm trying to do: I've recorded a song and mixed and mastered it. I've recorded two videos, one of me singing along to the song (with guitar) and one playing along with the guitar solo. I want to make a composite video slotting in the original audio. I've added the first video, stripped the audio off it, added the audio and matched them. I've added the second video but I can't figure out how to strip its audio and match it up to the substitute audio. Help needed there please. If and when I've achieved that, how do I slot the short clip playing the guitar solo? Thanks for your time Andy
  7. Hi I'm wanting to export just the audio track of a video I recorded, so I can work on it with another program then re-import it. Can you help please? Andy
  8. OK, Nat I don't think you'd seen my last reply when you sent your second last reply? But I understand it anyway. Following borate's comment and Nat's last one, it's behaving now and all going to plan so I'll report back when I'm done. Thanks both so much for your patience! All done and it works! Thanks again, great work. PS: Just one more thing before I leave you in peace... How do I set the end-point on the finished video so it doesn't continue running?
  9. Thanks both. Right, I may be getting somewhere and may not need to share it to solve it. Using right-click on Image 1, Place on Sequence/Place on sequence at start, I got it at the start. I timed it: just under 6 seconds, looking promising. Right-clicking on Image 2, whether I ticked Place on Sequence at Cursor or Place on Sequence at Start, it moved Image 1 to second place instead of slotting in after it. Both just under 6 seconds though: good. I guess I could load them individually in reverse order. I'd like to move them en masse but although I loaded them into the bin in the order I wanted, they were automatically rearranged into alphabetical order of the Image title. Nearly there....?
  10. Thanks for correcting the arithmetic Nationalsolo. I appreciate the help from you both. I changed the duration to 5.96 seconds. I just dragged my first image on to the timeline - it doesn't even line up with the beginning, not appearing until six seconds in. I really don't get this at all, so where do I go from here?
  11. This should be a simple task but.... I have 53 images which I want to accompany an audio track timed at 5 mins 16 secs. I calculated that the duration of each image needs to be 5.85secs and I set this in Options, before starting the project. But no matter how many times I try dragging the images down to the video track, then just don't behave. Some hardly last a second, others 10 seconds. There's something I'm doing wrong with the way I'm adding them to the track, because visually they're not the same length, if that makes sense. I'm sure there's a quick answer - can someone please provide it? Thanks Andy
  12. Hi, I'm new to this software. I've watched the tutorials but still can't find the answer to my simple question. I've added a number of still images which I want to run as a sequence and an audio track to accompany it. But, how do I make them end at the same time?
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