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  1. What online album database does Express Rip CD Ripper Software Plus access to try and find album information. I would like to log on to that site and see if the information is actually there or see if the application will work better if I am logged in.
  2. Kind of sad when offline: windows media player shows all the info... (short of an album cover... (which it will get from the internet sometimes.)) but express rip will not. HEY NCH... you following these posts???
  3. They should offer to take the information off the disk. Any disc player can pull that information and it is not connected to the internet. An MP3 tag editing program will pull the information off the disk... The server however cannot find any information on it. One would think that the ap would be smart enough to access the information already on the disk because out of 40 disks at least six of them had no information on any of the servers, not even discogs. seems like common sense....
  4. HI, The ripper is giving the tracks blank names when it cannot find information on the internet... but that information is on the disk itself. Why can't Express CD Ripper at least get the track information from the CD you are trying to rip? No one wants to type in each field for each track... I have tried disabling the option for "Access Online Internet Server for Album Details" and still nothing. Is this a bug?
  5. 10/15/2020 Purchased this yesterday. Have been using it for a week or so, database worked fine until a few hours ago. Wish had seen all this BS before I shelled out 30 bucks. I could have saved my money and used a free program like EAC... but this seemed easier and it grabbed the info quickly. Now I have to run MP3tag with the discog site for reference just in case... and it is a pain. Come to think of it, this all happened when a popup came up while I was working.... it was so fast that I accidentally clicked to install it... it was the burning software: Express Burn disc burning software... Which is probably when it stopped working!!! "X No Entry found on the online album database." Uninstalled the burner and restarted the app on a different disk and it seems to be working now. Hit and miss.
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