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  1. working fine for weeks - no longer works today: I am told "The folder "xxxx does not exist. Do you want to create it now?" - when I say "no" (because I can view it on my desktop, and have been doing this with success for weeks up until today). Then it says "Unable to convert files. Please specify an existing output folder." Can someone help?- I use Switch almost every day. Mac el Capitan. thanks, Bill
  2. "That email address is in use by another member." - that cannot be - I am the "other user" - so I have used an alternate e-mail address...Hi all - sorry I have not replied sooner - I did not know that I had any replies - I didn't get any notification that I had replies,- I did not solve my issues but put Wavepad on a back burner and I acquired and used another program to do my recording of cassettes, and editing, then sending to another program to record to CD. Bill
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